Retaining Wall in Low Banks

We were hired to construct and pour a concrete retaining wall along a cottage waterfront in Low Banks. The homeowner wanted to find a solution on how to build a better barrier for the waves their property often endure due to weather. They were worried damage could be done to their summer home if something wasn’t properly built. J Flynn contracting decided it would be best to build a concrete wall that would be able to withstand this. The homeowner put their trust in our hands and was absolutely astonished how well it turned out. In recent weeks this wall was tested as they had 140 km winds and 15ft waves. The concrete wall withstood the impact of this storm!  They can now enjoy their summer cottage without worrying about damaging weather conditions. 


Services Provided:

  • Concrete forming
  • Retainer walls and stairs


J.Flynn Contracting did the concrete work at my lake house the summer of 2020 after we got hit with a rogue wave that decimated our upper sea wall.

I had several contractors review the project and give me their ideas and estimates on how they were going to repair/rebuild the upper sea wall. I had my own idea of how I wanted it done but really couldn’t figure out how to make what I wanted. None of the other contractors could either. Until Jordan came over to look at the project.

He suggested pulling a few large blocks back so I would have room to pour a new wall in order to make it the minimum 12″ thick I needed. Perfect. He gave me a price that was competitive with the other contractors and I gave him the go ahead.


He did an amazing job and in a timely manner. My neighbours had contractors doing similar work (not quite as difficult as mine) and had started before Jordan did and are actually still working on those projects months after Jordan finished mine.


I think it goes without saying, Flynn is excellent at what he does. I feel very lucky that I found him and cannot wait for him to do our next project.



Steve Kadar

Lowbanks, ON